August 2012

Beginning on Monday, 8/27 thru 8/30, I'm once again working with legendary Acting Coach, Larry Moss in his "Master Class Workshop." The wonderfully talented Juri Henley-Cohn and I have been having a blast working on Peter Nichols, "A Day in the Death of Joe Egg."

I'm excited to participate in The Culture Project's "IMPACT 2012 FESTIVAL" Director's Weekend: American Foreign Policy. Six New York directors: Evan Cummings, Joseph Hendel, Ashley Marinaccio, Zoey Martinson, Elana McKelahan and Shana Solomon address American Foreign Policy through original 10-15 minutes pieces. August 25 & 25 @ 7PM.

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July 2012

Check out this interview about my work in "The Bitter Pill." Click here...

PRESS RELEASE - Debbie Friedlander emerges opposite Jude Law and Rooney Mara in Stevem Soderbergh's "The Bitter Pill." Click here...


June 2012

In the staged reading of "Duck Season," a satirical political tale of loss, legacy and mayhem by Brian VanHooker, I played Mrs. Janet Watermain, the loving wife of outgoing President William Watermain, who just lost his reelection bid. I'm obsessed with formulating a legacy where, unfortunately, there isn't any. With a heavy heart, I come to realize the best way my husband can live forever just might be for him to leave the "premises" prematurely.

Brian Van Hooker is a playwright and partner in Turtle with Lemonade Productions, which specializes in dark and absurd humor. "Duck Season" certainly fits the bill. (more info)


May 2012

What better way to end the month than being directed by Steven Soderbergh, and working alongside the ever talented Jude Law, and lovely Rooney Mara in the much anticipated psychological thriller, "The Bitter Pill." I played Mrs. Westerman, a psychiatric social worker in the Wards Island Hospital for the Criminally Insane. Wish I could say more, but I've been sworn to secrecy!!!

Also, read my interview with movie fan site:


April 2012

Great news. Two new projects in the works. Now in pre-production for another short directed by Debra Crosby of Conquest Creative Media. I’ll be co-starring with the talented Jonathan Thomson. More details to follow. And I’m incredibly excited about landing the role of Mrs. Westerman in Steven Soderbergh’s current project, “The Bitter Pill.” Filming began this week. Stay tuned boys and girls.


October 2011

Debbie Gets Rave Reviews in "Scotch Kiss"
I just closed a workshop production of “Scotch Kiss” by Brandon Walker, with The Seeing Place Theater. This production was inspired by true events and developed through improvisation of the ensemble. I had a blast playing Cora, the functioning alcoholic eldest daughter of Addie and William Turner, a character I helped develop. Cora's life turns upside down after her Mom decides to end her marriage on the eve of her 60th wedding anniversary. With no where else to go, Addie moves in with Cora as everyone in the Turner family tries to cope with this new normal. Here’s what Backstage had to say about my performance:


"...Friedlander successfully inhabits all of Cora's aspects: fed-up sister, obedient daughter, and burnt-out single mother. In her hands, Cora's seething anger simmers with every word, and Friedlander's strong dramatic timing keeps the slower scenes, of which there are many, moving."

- Suzy Evans, Backstage.


August 2011

CUT –- A Short film
I shot the short film, “"Cut," produced by Bad Babies Film. In a supporting role, I played Dr. Isabel, a therapist trying to help a young actress, Maria, plagued by a childhood trauma. My efforts, though sincere, don't always work.


July 2011

Staged Reading in Brooklyn
Playing to a packed house, cast as a principle lead in a staged reading of the new play, “Last Things First,” by Bernadette Kane. I adored bringing to life, Claire, "an attractive, athletic, outgoing, divorced mother of two." Since her divorce, 5 years prior, she's focused exclusively on raising her two children. With the children older, and no longer requiring hands-on attention, Claire can finally shine the mirror on herself - and on her non-existent love life. One fateful week-end changes all that. As things would have it, hilarity, tragedy, and redemption are found in the most unlikely places.


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