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Film and Television
Side Effects Supporting Steven Soderbergh, Director
Untitled (short) Principal Conquest Creative Media
The Cannon (short) Lead Conquest Creative Media
Cut (short) Supporting Bad Babies Film
When You’re Gone (short) Supporting Nina Steifel, Director
Random Acts
Principal Aubry Nivens, Director
Trapped In The Bathroom (short) Principal
Nina Steifel, Director
Sister Bister
David & Robert O’Connor
The Knitting Club (short) Supporting
Jesse Millward, Director
Untouchable Documentary Voice-Over
Beth Coultier, Director
The Right One Voice-Over
Village Chief Productions
Absent Father Principal
Doug Chang, Director
The Space Between Supporting
George Sloan, Director
The Child King Supporting
Frank Kerr, Director


Scotch Kiss Cora Turner/Lead
The Seeing Place Theater
Last Things First* Claire Jackson/Lead
The Jalopy Theater
Dipstick* Clara Morgan/Lead
The Actors Studio
A Decent Stretch * Sasha Briar/Lead
At Hands Theatre
Welcome to Civilisation! Stephanie Morton/Principal
Primary Stages JAM Session
One In Eight Liz Hastings/Lead
Manhattan Repertory Theater
English Only* Laura/Lead
Primary Stages Playwrights Night
Buyers Remorse* Mindy/Lead
Primary Stages Playwrights Night
One Hot Kitchen* Helena/Principal
National Comedy Theatre
Diffusion of Loss Nan/Lead
Midway Studios
Junk Mail Debra/Lead
Devanaughn Theatre
No Politics Diane/Lead
Theatre Cooperative
Neitzche Ate Here Cheryl/Lead
Devanaughn Theatre
**My Mother & The Nun Agnes/Lead
Boston Playwrights
The Mating Habits of Frogs Sylvia/Lead
Devanaughn Theatre
The Plot Desdemona/Lead
Devanaughn Theatre
* staged reading
**2005 Finalist Mass Council of the Arts Grants Award

Another Country Productions Founding Member/ Ensemble Boston, MA


Training / Education  
Master Scene Study
Larry Moss
Scene Study
Jonathan Silverstein; Carl Forsman
Shakespeare Heightened Language/Voice
Patsy Rodenburg
Paula Plum; Stephanie Klapper, Karen Kohlhaas
TV Acting
Casey Childs; Steven Williford; David & Linda Laundra
On Camera Auditioning Techniques
Roz Coleman; Tim Phillips; Heidi Marshall
Commercial Auditioning
House/Brooke Adams & Mary Egan Callahan; David Cady; Barry Shapiro; Amy Gossels
Meisner Technique
Lyralen Kaye
LAByrinth Theatre Company
Master Class
Michael Howard Studios
Graduate - Professional Conservatory Program

Special Skills / Interests  
Standard British (RP); Southern; Authentic New York Accent(s), avid speed/power walker, golf, US Passport, Drive both standard & automatic. Really & truly know how to cook & bake.



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